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Landscaped Garden

Residential Landscaping


For those of you who are searching for the more traditional process to secure a formal bid for your landscape project, we offer these services at no charge to you.  With your permission we will:


  • Schedule a meeting with you at your home to do a few things

  • We get a chance to meet you and get you comfortable with our people and our skill-set,

  • Find out what your thoughts are on the project,

  • Add our ideas to your original thoughts to get a good idea of all of your wants,

  • Begin to strategize on how to break your dream into smaller portions that might allow you options as you make your budgetary decisions

  • After our meeting, we will begin to take the proper steps so that we can prepare an estimate of the costs and timeline associated with your project.

  • Once the estimate is prepared we will send it to you in an email so that you can put your questions and concerns together for our future meeting,

  • We always hope that we will meet a second time to confirm our plans for your project, answer questions, adjust the plans….do whatever we need to do to make you comfortable with your decision.


Once you have decided to proceed we ask for a down-payment of roughly half of the total project’s cost and we will get you scheduled.  Often we see customers adding to their original project once we begin our work and we have no issues with that type of evolution..


Maintenance Plan:

We offer a no-contract maintenance plan that gives you labor at an hourly rate plus materials at our wholesale price.  This allows you to save money by only paying for the services you need from us. 

Landscaped Garden

Your property deserves the best.

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