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Landscaped Garden

Eizley Landscapes’ Maintenance Program


- Raking of grass

- Trimming of shrubs

- Removal of perennials & die-back from the winter

- Removal of leaves & debris from the yard

- Spraying for weeds

- Pond and fountain startup


- Trimming of shrubs that do best during this period of time 

- Spraying for weeds


- Trimming of shrubs that do best during this period of time, 

- Removal of leaves and debris from the yard, 

- Spraying for weeds

- Pond and fountain shutting down


- Preparing for special occasions

- Renew overgrown beds

- Water feature repair

- Paver patio repair

- Drain tile install and repair

- Lawn & yard repair

- Pruning and planting

Thank you for showing interest in Eizley Landscape’s Maintenance Program.  Here are a few things that are important to understand as you begin to decide how this program will help you with your yard’s maintenance.

This program’s design is to make the costs for working with your yard as cost-effective as we can for you while still maintaining our profit margins.  For that reason, there is no formal bid associated with this program.  Instead, we charge based strictly on labor time and materials used during the tasks that you ask us to address.

Labor charges are on a per-person basis and we will be deciding the best number of crew to address each task so that you do not see anyone standing around while we are on your property.  2022 rates will be $75 an hour for the first crew member and $50 an hour for any additional people.

Material costs will be passed on to you at the cost that we incurred.  Even our wholesale costs will be passed on to you at the wholesale rates.

We only take care of the tasks that you ask for.  This allows you to customize the program specifically to your needs

Landscaped Garden

There is no risk to you with this program.

  • There is no seasonal contract that you have to sign up under.  We only visit your place when asked to visit.

  • We only take on the tasks that you agree to and/or have asked for.

  • There is no payment made before actual work is done at your place and all costs will be justified within the invoice which gets sent to you shortly after our visit.

If you still have concerns with regards to not knowing what the final costs might be, especially with larger tasks:

  • We can always just give you an actual bid for any of these tasks.  You would, however, lose the advantages of the maintenance aspect of the program, the main reason being to make the cost as affordable as possible.

  • We can customize your first experience with the program to ease your concerns in a few different ways, and once we have gained your trust we can handle your program more within the maintenance constraints and rewards.

Knowing all of this now would be a great time to show you some of the common things that we historically take care of during the growing season for our maintenance customers. This is not an “all-inclusive”  list by any means and if you have a need that you don’t see on our lists just ask us if we can include your task.  If we are equipped, we will do it.

Seasonal Task for your Consideration

Early Spring through Early Summer Tasks to Consider:

  • Opening of water features as soon an I know that underground lines have been thawed,

  • Over-seeding of weak areas in the lawn as soon as temperatures allow for good germination,

  • Power-washing of furniture, pavements, decks, walls, 

  • Cleaning out planting beds of "winter kill" for the perennials and other things that have blown into the beds,

  • Trimming grasses and early-blooming shrubs once they have flowered,

  • Transplanting and/or dividing of perennials,

  • Freshening up of mulches for the new season,

  • Anything else that you might need before we enter the weeding and trimming aspect of the season.  You know your yard needs better than we do.

Mid-Summer to Early Fall Tasks to Consider:

  • Trimming later-blooming shrubs or shrubs that are out of control,

  • Preening or spraying for weeds that are invading planting beds,

  • Spraying for insects that are damaging your environment,

  • Any of the things that weren’t taken care of in the spring.

Later Fall Tasks, Once the Leaves Begin to Fall:

  • Removing leaves from beds and yards,

  • Cutting perennials and shrubs back for the winter,

  • Clearing wooded areas of unwanted brush and branches.   This would include buckthorn removal,

  • Dispersal of mice/rat repellents, mole/vole repellents,

  • Repair of low voltage lighting,

  • Emptying and removal of potted plants,

  • Winterizing of fountains and statues,

  • Putting away of lawn furniture,

  • Making final runs to the dump for the year with "non-landscape" eyesores,

  • What else would help you become ready for the snowfalls?

We look forward to answering any questions that you might have regarding this incredible program.  Let us know how we can service your property.  Our goal will always be to “treat your place as if it were our place.” 

We look forward to the opportunity.  

Landscaped Garden

Your property deserves the best.

Call Eizley Landscapes Today!

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